Andres Díaz Cigar & Co.
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View of the building, Mr. Andres Díaz and some workers - Fall 1909

3102 North Habana Avenue - West Tampa



Location: 3102 N. Habana Avenue, West Tampa - Factory No.178

Original Location: 226 East 73rd Street, New York City, N.Y. - Factory No. 163

Built by: C.E. Purcell - 1908 - Three story plus building plus cellar in Romanesque Revival style.

Square footage: 18,790

Manufacturer of labels: "Terreno, La Flor de Andres Diaz and La Flor de Scott "

Actual use: Office space

Reference information: "Cigar City Architecture and Legacy" - 2015 - Pg. 65 - Author: W. Reyes, Ph.D.



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