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Price in effect: 01-01-2018

Last Update 01-26-18






To place your order or for more information of our products & retailers.

(904) 572-2230 Customer Service

Visit our booth at: Historic Ybor City Saturday Market at Centennial Park - 9 AM to 3 PM

(1817 N. 9th Avenue - Across from the Ybor City Museum)


Cigars & Accessories

Available at: Ybor City Saurday Market

1817 N. 9th Avenue - Tampa, Fl. 33605

Hours: 9am to 3 pm



(For special hours call for arrengements)


We use the United States Postal Service

(Click on image for postal calculator)

Priority Service for our products delivery.

For special delivery service please call.

We respectfully request a minium order of $ 15.00 US

We honor all major credit card. Orders are process daily.








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