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_ The company started in the Spring of 1870 manufacturing cigar molds. From their small beginning they built up the largest establishments to supply the worldwide cigar industry. With hard work in research and development of innovated pieces for the industry they carefully got the attention to the requirements of the trade, and gained confidence as excellent equipment. Following a quality tradition the company mills were located at; 507 – 517 East Pearl Street in Cincinnati , Ohio and with offices on 404 - 408 East 32 nd Street in New York ; they were able to produce machines, tools and equipment for over seventy years. Wherever was room for improvement, the improvement were made at once, so their equipment obtain a reputation of the latest designs and best methods of their era.



__The Tampa cigar industry was one of their most regular client as the industry was transforming from a manual to a mechanize one across time. This days many of their pieces of equipment still in use or are consider valuable pieces for collectors of a gone era and industry.

__Their policy; “Is to do the very best work that can be done at the lowest consistent price, to treat all our customers, large and small, as we with to be treated – impartially, fairly and honestly”. “We discriminate against no one give honest goods of full value for value received”. “We thank the trade for the past patronage, and we hope to continue deserving your future favors. With our promise of a continuance of superior service, we remain”,Ernest DuBrul, President.

The images and description presented are part of their products Catalog - 30th Anniversary Edition in 1900's. (This catalog was provided to manufacturers for the price of fifty cents plus postage).


Napoleon Dubrul - Biography



Booking Block

This equipment was used to holds the tobacco wrapper leaves in perfect condition & flat.It's adjustable for long or short leaves.




The Champion Cigar Branding Machine

The machine was designed to brand cigars. It was an advertising medium to keep the name of the cigars constantly before the public. This was also used to protect the product brand by enabling the buyer to get the cigar he demands. The branding was obtained by the use of a gas burner that heat a plate that brand the cigar. This machine was able to brand an average of 40 thousand cigars a day, and it was very easy to used.

Price…………………………$ 70.00 ______________Price of Type or block………$ 10.00

Net Weight 115 pounds Floor Space 27” X 24”___Gross Weight 225 pounds Cubic Measurement 14 feet






Bunching Machine

_This machine was designed for manufacturing production of short filler cigars, cigarros & stogies. Has been in use for the past ten years (1890) in the largest and best factories in all parts of the world. Bunches can be worked tight or loose and its make uniform bunches. The filler is distributed according to the shape and size of the cigar and proportionately in amount. No part of the bunch can be made tighter than another. Any shape of cigars was able to be produce by this machine and dust was removed before the filler was put in to the bunch.

Cubic measurements: ….43 feet Gross weight ...480 pounds__Net weight… 480 pounds Floor Space….30”x50”






Bundling Press

This press was designed for quickly pressing bundles before they are placed in the box. The packer was able to makes the bundles with temporary paper bands and puts it to press while he makes another bundle. By one operation of the leaver the bundle is pressed simultaneously from the top and from both sides, thus giving an equal pressure to every cigar. By using this press you were able to make any shape of bundle, from round to square, according to the corner block used. It was able to press any size bundle from 100 cigars down.

Net weight ……..….80 pounds_____Cubic measurement…6 feet





DuBrul's Continuous Paper - Cigarette Machine

According to the manufacturer; “in presenting this machine to the trade, we believe that we are offering the best and simplest machine of its class yet placed on the market”. This machine was introduced to the market in 1889 and was in production for over 40 years. Was considering a very reliable piece of equipment. Was capable to produced an average of 40 thousand cigarettes per day.

Net weight….1,600 pounds Cubic Measurements 87'__Gross weight…...2,400 pounds Floor space…..9' x 5'

Item # AABAM





Miller's Cigar Shaper

_This equipment was designed to reduce the time and cost of manufacturing hand made cigar. The workman was able to make 50 to 75 cigars more per day by hand with the use of this system. The shaper was able to bunches 20 cigars at once by simply turning down the lever, requiring less time than it takes to shape by hand. Mold were specially made for the use in the shaper. This machine was normally used in the northern market.

Price of shaper press: $13.50 With one set of molds: $ 15.00____Extra molds $ 3.00 each

Gross Weight ..70 pounds Net weight...50 pounds Cubic measurements 2 feet





The Star Cutter

The Star Cutter was the result of many experiments on cigar cutters and embodies the latest and most valuable improvements of the time. This consist of a lower concave blade, adjustable to cut straight across various shapes and sizes of cigars without damaging the wrapper. The lower blade is made reversible and the upper blade offer 6 different blades cuts. The spring in this cutter was very durable for many years of service. This cutter was nickel-plated and polished, and was made to fasten on the cigar cutting board, thereby making it very compact and handy. The cutter was very affordable.

Price cutter only: $1.25 #AANBOZEN___Cutter and board: $2.15 # AANBOORDEN





DuBrul's Continuous Cigarette Machine

According to the manufacturer; “in presenting this machine to the trade, we believe that we are offering the best and simplest machine of its class yet placed on the market”. This machine was introduced to the market in 1889 and was in production for over 40 years. Was considering a very reliable piece of equipment. Was capable to produced an average of 40 thousand cigarettes per day.

Net weight…..1,600 pounds __Cubic Measurements 87'____Gross weight…...2,400 pounds __Floor space…..9' x 5'

Item # AABAM





Team Work Suction Table




These images show front and rear view of the machines that form the handiest, most compact, most convenient and most practical system of cigar manufacturing yet worked out. The tables are shown as fitted up with a revolving mold. They are made to be used with bunch-makers opposite the rollers, making soft work. (Cable for prices quote request)





Folding Bundler Stand

A handy tool to create triangular bundles





Miller Hand-Bunching Machine

This machine has been very popular for many years. The bunch is made immediately in front of the machine, the whole rolling platen of machine being pulled forward by the handle. It has been proven that a skilled operator can turn out more than double the amount of bunches a day, either scrap or long fillers, than by hand alone. This machine has some advantages in that the bunch is always visible, being immediately under the operator's eyes, so that the operator can see just how it is getting along. The belt is adjustable for any bunch size.

Price: $ 15.00___Cubic Measurement: 2 feet __Net Weight: 35 pounds___Gross weight: 50 pounds






DuBrul's Patent Hand Bunching Machine


Practical to make any shape with unskilled labor

This is one of the most popular with the trade. Its simple construction, compactness and practicability are so apparent to the experienced manufacturer that is to describe its operation and advantages at length. It can be applied on any ordinary cigar-maker's table by cutting a square hole, so that the machine rest on. The binder having put in place, the bunch is rolled as shown in fig 3. The object of the machine is not so much speed acquired with it as uniformity of shape and regularity of sizes obtained by its use. With this design the savings in binder need hardly be mentioned as manufacturers know well that only one need ever be used on a machine-made bunch.Skilled operators are materially assisted, while unskilled hands soon become experts by the use of the device. The rolling apron is made adjustable to roll any size of bunch required.

Price of machine with Shaping Cup …………….….…$12.00

Price of machine without Shaping Cup device………. $10.00

Price of extra Shaping Cup………….…...……….……$ 1.00

Net weight. 20 pounds_ Gross weight . 40 pounds _Cubic measurements..2 feet






“The only mold that makes creaseless cigars”

Our vertical mold was introduced to the trade in 1876. It immediately made a great stir in the cigar manufacturing circles, and it won unqualified approval from the moment its many points of superiority were tested. It is a fact that with the same skill, far better goods are made where our cigar molds are used than where other molds have been adopted on account of their so called cheapness. The reason is plain, the ordinary mold be it German or American has ill fitting tops with thick edges creating the crease line in the cigar bunch.

In the Miller, DuBrul & Peters Molds there is no use to re-pressure after the bunch has once been press. Perfect cigars, resembling in every respect the best hand made and easily to handle cigars made by our molds. 

20 Bunch Molds – “Vertical Top”

1 Mold …………………………….……. $2.00

2 Molds of one size ……………………....$3.00

3 Molds of one size …………………....…$3.50

4 Molds, or more of one size, per block .....$1.00

5 and 10 Bunch Molds – “Vertical Top”

1 Mold……………………...…..$1.30

2 Molds of one size ……………$2.20

3 Molds of one size…………….$2.70

4 Molds of one size, per block…$0.80

Item # EDDAS

Note: Owing to the great number of sizes and shapes used by the trade today, we can not carry a stock of molds, but have to make all molds to order, according to the size and quantity wanted. Our machines are very complicated, and the cost of setting up and adjusting for each shape is considerable. We can not afford, therefore, to sell one, two or three molds of any size, they most be on counts of 10 or more.




No. 29 Shot Mold Lever Press

The handiest and value of this press are at once apparent

Price $ 6.00___Weight….32 pounds Cubic Measurement: 1 foot





DuBRUL'S Scrap and Picadura Cutter

Cigar Scrap Cutter ….$ 325.00__________________Picadura Scrap Cutter…$ 350.00

This tobacco cutter is a power machine, and combines a sitting and sorting arrangement with a cutting apparatus. The tobacco is fed into the trough at the top, whence it is carried by an endless belt to the rollers. Theses rollers are supplied with a circular knives, which cut the tobacco lengthwise. After passing between the rollers, the tobacco is cut crosswise by straight knives, two in number, fastened to the spokes of the fly wheel at the front end of the machine. This knives are set so as to give a draw cut, making a clean cut, the scrap drops into the rotary sieves, having different sizes of meshes, and so separating the dust from the scrap, and the different sizes of scrap from each other, each size dropping in to a separate compartment. The length of each mesh is regulated proportionally to the speed, so as not to over sift the scrap. To work the machine to the best advantage, the tobacco should be moistened enough to have it in a soft condition.

Gross Weight…1,800 lbs. ____Net Weight …1,200 lbs ___Cubic Meas. …108 Ft.





Cigar Mold Press

No. 2 for 6 Molds

Price …$ 5.50__Net Weight …..60 Pounds __Cubic Measurements …2 feet





Press No. 21 Cincinnati Packer's Press




No. 15 Wood Press

Made of the best rock maple which makes them much better and more durable than oak. Good for up to fourteen molds

Price …$ 7.50

Net Weight …80 pounds Cubic Measurements….8 feet





Reversible Cutter

The blade of this cutter has two edges, and can be reversed when the edges is dull from use. The blade is easily detached.

Price of Cutter…..$ 0.50 cents___Blades for Cutter..$ 0.10 cents___Springs…………..$ 0.05 cents





DuBrul's Patented Revolving Mold

The image show a different combination or teams for using the Revolving Mold . It is designed for the manufacturer of better grade cigars, where imitation of hand work are desired. The mold is in ten sections, each holding three bunches, making a total capacity of thirty bunches. It can be used together for two operators simultaneously. Saves time, tobacco and provided uniform cigars.

Price…(with one side mold) $ 16.00__Price…(extra set of molds) $ 4.00__Net weight….42 pounds Gross Weight….70 pounds



Conical Rotary Sifter

This sifter has proven great value for screening and separating scraps from small cuttings, also for obtaining a uniform size of cut-filler when using same. The fine sand screen is made of brass. The other screens are galvanized iron, with soldered meshes, giving them strength and preventing rusting. This machine is built of iron, strongly constructed, and is first-class in every respect. It is perfectly noiseless, the upper side and top being closed up, as shown in the dotted lines, forming a table to receive tobacco, which is then fed by hand. This also confines the dust inside the machine.

Floor Space…28 in. x 7 ft.__ Net Weight…650 pounds __Gross Weight 900 pounds__Net weight 650 pounds

Price $ 75.00





DuBrul's Improved Scrap Cutting Machine, No. 1

Price $45.00

This machine has been popular for many years. Its capability is about 400 pounds per day, varying with the steady work of the operator. It is made with a revolving cylinder of circular – toothed blades. These blades run between the stationary – toothed bar, where the tobacco is cut. The crap falls through a grating to the sifter, and thence out of the machine. The tobacco should be just moist to prevent making dust. We have lately improved this machine in many respects, and it is now provided with a rotary sifter the very best sifter for this purpose.

Floor Space…46 x 30' Cubic Measurement … 33 feet Gross Weight 480 pounds

Net Weight 250 pounds Code # AAFSCH




DuBrul's Tobacco Cleaner and Separator

Price of machine, complete as shown in illustration, $ 75.00 

All manufacturers who have ever used short fillers knows what a loss and annoyance is occasioned by the presence of foreign matter among the tobacco. Nails, pins, screws, matches, bread, meat , buttons, and many numbers of other things, manage to get into the tobacco, and makelife a burden. One piece of such matter in a single cigar may ruin the sale of thousands. It is absolute necessity to have to clean fillers; and, to have such, the cuttings nust first be cleaned. After many experiments, we have constructed a machine, here illustrated, which will quickly and effectually remove all foreign substances. It consist of a blower and an inclined pipe, fitted at the top wit a hopper. Into this hopper the cuttings are fed by one or two operators. By a special construction chamber inside the pipe, the air current carries up and out all the cuttings, while all the heavier substances are separated. At the top of the machine is another pipe that carries off the dust and fibrous hairs, so commonly found in tobacco, thereby sweetening the tobacco to a wonderful degree. The careful manufacturer will at once realize the importance of such a machine.

Cubic Measurement …95 feet__ Floor Space…3' x 12'4”__Gross Weight …1,400 pounds __Net Weight …. 900 pounds

Code # AADUR




The “Genuine Cincinnati ” Cigar Maker's Blades (Chavetas)

Are without question the best in the market. They are made of the same steel as our famous “ Cincinnati Cigar Knifes ”, which are known and recognized as the best in the world. Available in different sizes number; No. 7, 12, 9, 11, 8, & 10

No. 7 …..$ 0.55 #AANBRASSEN No. 12 …..$ 0.50 #AANBRULLEN

No. 9…….$ 0.55 #AANBREISEL No. 11…..$ 0.50 #AANBROMMEN

No. 10 ….$ 0.65 #AANBREKEND No. 8 …..$ 0.60 #AANBREIEN

Note: We send thin blades unless staff blades are specially ordered.


Catalog 30th Anniversary Edition - May 10, 1900 - Miller, Dubrull & Peters, Mfg. Company



Napoleon DuBrul

Jacob Miller

Ernest DuBrul

Napoleon Dubrul - Biography


Images Courtesy of: Mr. Greg Henderson & Mr. Mike Handfield - Cigar making tools collector & Private Photo Collections

Author: W. Reyes, Ph.D. - Historian - Researcher



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