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It was, in brief, a city that was conceived, flourished and grew, and passed out of existence in twenty-nine years. Paradoxically, while the city can still be found, it is no longer theoretically, a city. The following is a time-line of the events and companies that were the center of attention around the life of West Tampa revolved. It is difficult to keep track of every single one, since many individual names and companies appear over and over. During time many records were lost, but so far the following are good example of the industry and events from 1886 to 1925...

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Seal of West Tampa 1895 - 1925


1886 - Monday November 22, - Mr. Hugh MacFarlane (see photo) acquire from John Alexander Graham 120 acres of swampland located on the west bank of the Hillsborough River for the amount of $ 2,000.00 dollars. Average salary is $10.00 dollars a month, the President of the United States is Grover Cleveland (1885-89)

1887 - Monday January 31, - Mr. Mac Farlane process and surveyed the 120 acres into individual lots, streets, public areas, and industrial sites. The land was two blocks wide and five blocks long and from here West Tampa emerged.

Wednesday March 16, - Port Tampa facilities were inaugurated today in a ceremony, and open for business, providing better access to the cities.

1890 - Thursday January 2, - There were 129 cigar factories in operation in Key West, and 11 in Ybor City.

Monday March 17, - Mr. Hugh Mac Farlane was named the State Attorney for the Sixth Judicial Court, from which he resigned after a year of service.

1891 - Tuesday March, 10 - Mr. John Higley Drew moved to Tampa and started the business association with Mr. Hugh McFarlane for the development of West Tampa.

Friday April 10, - The West Tampa Title & Paving Company was created by Mr. John Higley Drew.

Saturday December 12, - Mr. MacFarlane and his associates convince the Del Pino Brothers Cigar Company from Key West to move their factory to West Tampa.

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Del Pino Brothers Cigar Company