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1892 - 1894

This were the years of planning of the city for Mr. Hugh MacFarlane, and the area expand by adding more parcels of land. During this time the area was surveyed and platted by second time. Also manufacturers were encouraged to relocate to new West Tampa with free land and facilities. Was time for the creation of the city infrastructure.


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Seal of West Tampa 1895 - 1925


Del Pino Cigar Company





1892 - Friday April 22 , West Tampa was surveyed and platted, with the following boundaries Laurel Street on the south, Ysmael (Armina) Avenue on the west, Gasper (Albany) on the east, and Pino (Howard) Ave. from north to south. Main Street will split east to west. And in the corner of Pino and Main was located the "Central Plaza".

  • Also in this day Mr. Alonzo C. Clewis started a partnership with Mr. Mc Farlane for the land development of West Tampa.
Tuesday June 7, 1892 - the Del Pino Brothers #22 opened their factory with 60 workers, in a lot located in the corner of Howard Avenue and Union Street, and the first cigar was made in West Tampa.
Monday December 12, 1892 - a second parcel of 10 city blocks are added to the original plan. North from Spruce and East of 19th Avenue (Rome Avenue).
1893 - Tuesday January 3 , population in West Tampa was 2,815 residents. Ybor City boasted 18 factories, while West Tampa had 25.
Monday Mayo 8, 1893 - Eleven month after opening, the first cigar factory shut down due to the lack of access, adequate transportation of raw materials, and housing hampered the recruitment of sufficient number of workers.
Tuesday June 6, 1893 - the largest parcel for development was open, adding 55 new city blocks.
Monday August 14, 1893 - the first street car line between Ybor City and West Tampa began operating.
Tuesday Ocotober 10, 1893 - the Fortune Street Bridge is opened connecting by first time in a physical way Tampa and West Tampa.

Monday November 13, 1893 - The O'Halloran Cigar Co. (see photo) occupied the vacant Del Pino factory and started operations. The building is located at the corner of Howard Avenue and Union Street.

1894 - During this year several cigar manufacturers relocated to West Tampa from Key West, New York, Atlanta and Chicago. At this time there is not public schools in West Tampa.

Wednesday April 4, 1894 - One hundred families disembarked the steamship Mascotte, and made their way to West Tampa. Among the 150 or so cigar workers, was a bookkeeper,named Mr. Fernando Figueredo.

Monday April 9, 1894 - Mac Farlane Investment Co. was founded for the development and land purchases. Also the company provided agricultural and livestock operations as well.

Wednesday May 2, 1894 - The 5th cigar factory open in West Tampa, it was Trujillo Benemielis Cigar, Co.

Monday June 4, 1894 - L.J. Napolis & Co. #42 from key West open operations in West Tampa with 68 cigar makers. The owner wes Liborio Napolis, later member of the City of West Tampa City Council (1895-1897). Also Severo de Armas Cigar Co. #47 relocated to a building in the corner of Armina Avenue and Walnut Street, with 68 workers.

Tuesday June 5, 1894 - Today started the construction of the "Cespedes Hall" located at the corner of Main Street and Albany Avenue. This will offer a theater, dance floor, meeting rooms, and commerce store space.

Saturday September 29, 1894 - a violent storm hit West Tampa creating damages to the O'Halloran Cigar Company building, and other properties in the area.

October 5, 1894 - Jose Marti visited Mr. Fernando Figueredo in West Tampa at 404 Main Street, home of the "Cuban Revolutionary Party". The meeting was related to the plans of the January 1895 revolution attempt.

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O'Halloran Cigar Co.
Antonio Cespedes & Co. - 1894
Jose Marti - 1894