Tools of the Trade & Cigar Making Process
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_Like any other trade the tools in the cigar industry were in a way special, and like the industry it self were always innovated. Many versions of the same tools were created just for hand made cigars, but always with the the idea of make the job easy and more productive.The following are the basic tools use, some of them for the past 165 years. Many of the companies that manufactured this tools were in the United States and others in Europe.

With the industrial revolution of the late 1800's, mechanization replaced many of the hand tools and machines took the place of the cigar maker. But with no doubt the hand made cigars are superior compare with the ones produce by the machine.

The following are the basic tools use for the production of a hand made cigar and the process...



Cutting board, blade & glue container

Cigar size cutter

1. Making the bunch


2. Bunches in molds

Press & Molds


3. Applying pressure to molds

4. Cut wrapper leaf

5. Applying wrapper


6. Finishing cigar head

7. Cut cigar to size



8. Cigars in bundles



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